Adoption Awareness Month

November is adoption awareness month.

Who do you know with an adoption story? How did it impact your family?

Did you know there are currently over 100,000 children awaiting adoption in the United States? That number represents children with out families. Roughly 400,000 children are in foster care, meaning the state has guardianship, but temporary foster homes are needed.

You. Guys.

I can’t even articulate what this does to my heart. The fact is, there are two children in my home right now who were a part of that overwhelming number. Two children who are beautiful and messy and loud and smelly and smiles. Each has a unique giggle, and a particular preference for PB&J (rectangles not triangles please mommy!). And I am mom, so I have the great priviledge of being privy to all their little quirks.

So, since I cannot adopt 100,000 children. I will speak. I will advocate. I am open and willing to answer any question you might have percolating on a back burner somewhere in your mind. This month I will be sharing resources in an effort to draw families into the story of adoption. There are multiple avenues to consider; international adoption, domestic adoption, private adoption and foster to adopt. Cost can range greatly, this conversation can be a long one. Phil and I talked and prayed for about 10 years before we ever took actual steps toward adoption.

But maybe you’ve been thinking how lovely it would be to hear another set of feet dashing through the house or have another smile seated at the dinner table. And maybe that conversation begins today.



November 9th- World adoption day.

November 12th- Orphan Sunday.

November 18th-National adoption day.

Adoption & Foster Care Statistics


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