Father’s Day: Creating a Will

A few months back Lou and I redesigned and updated our Wills. This needed to be done. With three little ones, it just seemed wise. As their father, it really comes down to the fact that I was entrusted with their well-being. Creating a Will is part of the job.

When it comes to creating a Will, awkward conversations have to be had, prayers need to be lifted to the Heavenly Father in charge of it all, and decisions need to be made. A Will communicates what you find most important. It communicates the legacy you will give.


Being Father’s Day I’m thinking of this again. With all the other legal jargon removed, here is what I want to give my kids.

  • Holy God Creates everything. His design includes you and me.
  • Sinful People Fall away from God. Everything is broken, all is fractured.
  • Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection allows for our Reconciliation with God.
  • Respond in faith to the gospel and continue to do so until Jesus Returns.

Yes, the Gospel. There is nothing more important to give. There is nothing more necessary to communicate.

It’s Father’s Day. Is there really a better legacy to leave your kids?

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