Happy Birthday America. I love you.

I write letters to my children on their birthdays. The letters allow me to dote on who they are, document milestones of who they have become, laugh at my own failings as a parent, and write down my own perspective of this particular season of their life. I gather recent photos and include those as well. Most importantly, I write a prayer for the year to come and their future in general.

I began this birthday letter writing tradition as soon as we brought our oldest home from the hospital in 2011. I have since written 16 such notes and I genuinely love the worshipful experience the occasion affords (Yes, worshipful. I know from whom the gift of these little ones comes). Next month I will write my 17th letter. I know my children can’t read right now, and I’m honestly not sure when I will give these letters to them, but I know one day these letters have the potential to be invaluable.

So for America’s 241st birthday I thought I’d dote in a similar fashion on her as well. Our little family celebrated the fourth with fireworks and a fired up grill. The “bombs bursting in air” were beautiful and the burgers were a nice finishing touch to an all around great holiday.

I love being an American and I love this country. As I think about Independence Day, I celebrate God. According to James 1, “Every good and perfect gift is from above” and let’s be honest, we have so much good here in America. We know America is not perfect and truthfully, I don’t think James had the Red, White, and Blue in mind as he penned those words. Regardless, I celebrate the gift of America in worship. Not with a bent toward national idolatry but with a grateful heart to God (For I know from whom the gift of this country comes).

My prayer for you America,

God, may you please bless the United States. May you please lead her people to pursue your holiness and right way of life. God will you please place your hand of protection upon our country’s leaders and give them wisdom as they seek to serve the people of this land. Many of us have turned away from you God. May you continue to be patient with us. May you continue to pursue us. God, my hope is that we, the American people, would be able to see just how good you really are. May we bless you, for you have certainly blessed us.


Happy Birthday America. May year 242 be full of blessings.


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