Phil Walleck

I’ve worked with students in the rural Midwest, served as a deacon in a collegiate church-plant in the Northwest, and had the opportunity to minister to young families with an older congregation in the South. I had the opportunity to serve as a chaplain for a local hospital in a CPE intensive unit and I now work with a large group of volunteers at our church coordinating our hospitality ministries.  

Studying Religion in college and Pastoral Counseling and Christian Education in seminary, I’m currently working toward a dissertation examining how spiritual care is provided to families in crisis.

I love discerning how best to teach, disciple, counsel, and encourage others. I enjoy deep one-on-one conversations, leading small groups to explore further the depths of God’s Word, and equipping the church to proclaim the glory of God. In short- I love pastoring.

Lou and I have had the privilege of being foster parents, adoptive parents, and parents the more conventional way.